everyday dreams

everyday dreams

April 20, 2012

thanks to everyone who has bought one of these light s from me and spread the word to help me stay in business
thanks a million!!!!
a tail light with 16 LED cluster for my buddy kevin 



a few more that have gone on to their new homes 

                        the new WWII batch of NOS lights

August 25, 2011

more of the chopper

so i had a lot of shit i never post due to the facked that i couldn;t keep my nose clean this year so i'll throw them up now i suppose, i built my own louvers to house the tail lights i bought from a hot rod site, in total they were about 85.oo shipped with the relays for the run/brake.

so to give you a bit of an update on the chop, i was having a bit of a problem trying to get her running so i have pulled the motor and i'm putting a new one in now, and to make it wasn't something else sure i'm rewiring her also

August 18, 2011

WTF! so.....

well i've been gone for a bit but it better than for good right? i was walking the wrong road and finding myself in the wrong lane on top of that, but i'm back to let you know....i can really shake em' down HAHA
i'm still in the parts business but i'm really trying to get in the "in house build/rebuild" end of it.
all in good time though right.

thanks a million to the few that have followed this weak ass blog, but it will be getting better for sure